Incremental Change Over Time

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It’s time for another iteration of STEAM. We start the year off with a fresh unit for second graders — inquiring into materials science and the relationship between properties and purposes in material choice. I feel the STEAM program is developing to the point where it has become about incremental changes, not disruption. It’s still about innovation, but as W Patrick McCray writes,

“Most of the time, innovators don’t move fast and break things.” (link to article)

So for this year, some goals for incremental change:

  • increased skills instruction – both in approaches to learning, and STEAM skills
  • higher quality documentation of the learning process
  • refinement of learning outcomes – more depth, less breadth
  • increased authentic student agency
  • iTime for co-curricular STEAM time


2 thoughts on “Incremental Change Over Time

  1. Yeah I wonder a lot about how to slowly change something that I already feel behind on. I think the higher quality documentation is key for this. As we change system and work more towards student agency. I sent this to my team yesterday just a different way to think about how to break old and establish new routines I think.

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