Proof of Concept


Further to our goal of getting STEAM out of the makerspace and integrated into more aspects of how we teach and learn, we’ve setup one makerspace on a cart for our grade six team to use. We’ve decided a proof of concept is best before we roll out more carts to other teams. If you follow the QR code, you’ll see a Google site with some basic info and two Google forms to help us track our intent and our use (the forms will only appear if you are part of our institution). We will use feedback and data from these forms to help us improve the tools and materials, but more importantly it will help us improve how it is being used to solve real-world problems arising from student-led inquiry. We’ve decided to use the ISTE Innovative Designer standards to help us guide students away from just tinkering – which is still an important part of STEAM – and towards solving real-world problems with innovative solutions.

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